Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Apologies!

I am sorry that I started this blog and then dropped off of the face of the earth like that. Things got to be really busy and distracting around here and now I have been spending this week trying to play catch up. My husband has gone off to Iraq late this past month after a trip to the Philippines. He is now settled in Bahgdad and back in semi-regular communication - thank goodness! If all goes well, he'll be back next year some time - late spring or summer, not sure yet.

What's going on in the studio this week has been the finishing up of a batch of custom glazed minis for clients. I am photographing them and will be shipping them out to their owners in the next couple of days. Yeah! I do have some interesting things to share with you guys but I'll need another day or so to come up with the missing USB cord for my digital camera, or go out and get a replacement. It's hung me up and delayed me here, sorry. More soon!

Paige Easley Patty
Hanblechia Studio

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